f.k.a The Young Prodigy Language School
CPE Registration No. / UEN / GST: 200500033G
Registration Period: 22/08/2015 - 21/08/2019
Tel: 62532393
Fax: 62530263
Administrative Support
Students who need help on student matters are strongly encouraged to consult our Administration Staff at the reception counter where you will be led to the appropriate person for assistance.
We provide support services for the following:
  • Pre-Course Counselling
  • Advice and recommendations for accommodation
  • Guardianship/Agent Matters
  • Government Entrance Test Services
  • Immigration Matters
  • Disputes and Grievances
  • Others
Student Welfare Services
  • School Outings
  • Festive celebrations and special occasions
  • Award presentations
  • Immigration Matters
  • Disputes and Grievances
  • Others including Student orientation
Counselling Support
  • Students are entitled to counselling and advisory services by the appropriate teachers and administration staff.
  • Student may also approach their class teachers for counselling on academic issues.
  • For counseling assistance when in crisis especially after school hours, students may contact Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) at their helpline number @ 1800-2214444
Student Group Medical Hospitalisation And Surgical Insurance
The YPLS School of Learning (f.k.a. The Young Prodigy Language School ) has in place a medical insurance scheme for all its students as required by CPE under EduTrust certification scheme and as stated in the Student Contract. This medical insurance scheme shall minimally provide for an annual coverage limit of not less than S$20,000 per student, at least B2 ward in government and restructured hospitals and 24 hours coverage in Singapore and overseas (if student is involved in school-related activities) throughout the course duration. The school-appointed medical insurance provider is AIA Insurance. A copy of the policy is available here.
The YPLS School of Learning has also in place a supplementary policy for accidental death and dismemberment for all its student under the above scheme for an annual coverage principal sum assured of S$10,000 per student.
At The YPLS School of Learning, students are assessed monthly for their strengths and weaknesses through the monthly progress tests conducted. From their results, recommendations will be made for their continual improvement so as to ensure that the students are able to attempt the intended examinations successfully and confidently.