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The YPLS School of Learning

Welcome to The YPLS School of Learning

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AEIS/Preparatory Courses

Immersion Holiday Programmes

Dedicated In AEIS/Preparatory Courses and Immersion Holiday Programmes

Small Student-Teacher Ratio

Small Student-Teacher Ratio

Convenient Location

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Convenient Location and Conducive Environment
Welcome to The YPLS School of Learning!
We chart the right pathway for every student to ensure they achieve their set objective. Quality is our essence and we make sure we deliver the best to our students. Specialised in Preparatory Courses for AEIS, we make the difference!

We give credo to our team of long serving teachers and staff who have served the organisation since it opened its doors in 2005. Let them guide you on this important learning journey that will surely impact your life.
Our Vision
To Be A Leading Dynamic Vibrant School With Aspiring
Our Mission
To Bring Out The Best In All YPLS Students
Our Values
Yearn for success
Pursue excellence
Learn diligently
Share aspirations
Our Vision
To Be A Leading Dynamic Vibrant School With Aspiring
Our Mission
To Bring Out The Best In All YPLS Students
Our Values
Yearn for success
Pursue excellence
Learn diligently
Share aspirations
featured course
Preparatory Course For Admission To Government Schools
Target Students
We accept students between 7 and 16 years of age.
Duration and Schedule
Six Months Duration / Daily lessons:
Monday to Friday (9:00 am to 4:00 pm - Full Time)
What’s New
08 June 2020
Resumption of Classes
YPLS had recommenced operations with safe management measures put in place to keep all stakeholders especially students and staff safe. Enquiries on our courses are most welcome!
17 November 2016
Edutrust Certification
YPLS is pleased to announce that we have achieved EduTrust Certification for 4 years from 3/11/2016 to 2/11/2020
What our former students are Saying
I was a student of YPLS. I had spent a very happy time here. The teachers here are very nice and friendly. My English was not good at all when I came to Singapore. Teachers in YPLS really helped me a lot. Now I am studying in Outram Secondary School. I would not have such results if I did not go to YPLS. I really appreciate the teachers here.
Ye Sitie from China
My name is Heng Bunhy and I am a Cambodian. The first time I came to YPLS I felt very nervous and shy as I didn’t know what the teachers are like in the school. The teachers in YPLS are very friendly and very supportive. They can discipline the students very well. They are able to teach their students with many unique ways such as letting us watching videos about the topic and let us practice mock tests so that the students are more prepared.
Even after I failed AEIS three times, the teachers did not stop but continue to motivate me. On my fourth attempt I was able to pass the examination thanks to all my teachers and administrator - Miss Pey Tyi, Miss Alice, Mr. Darryl and Miss Celine. They not only help me academically but they help to inspire me as well.
Heng Bunhy from Cambodian
My name is Hoo Yuan Xin and I am currently studying in CHIJ Secondary School.
After I entered government school, I found that the things I learned in YPLS are really helpful. Although only studied in YPLS for a few months, this experience helped me to adapt in Singapore better and definitely helped me to further my studies.
The teachers are kind and enthusiastic. I really appreciate my learning experience in YPLS
Hoo Yuan Xin, Returning Singaporean
Hi, my name is Le Thuy Chi. I'm an international student from Vietnam. Just 4 months ago, I was still a student in YPLS and now I'm already in a local school in Bishan. When I first came to Singapore, everything was totally new to me as language, cultures, environment, etc are way different from my country. However, I got used to living in Singapore very fast, all thanked to teachers and friends in YPLS. For the first time, I knew how to make friends, use English to communicate, as well as read an English book. No one could believe, even my family members, that a girl who could not even understand what the question said passed the AEIS and got into government school. I really treasure all the unforgettable memories with teachers and friends and can never ever forget them. All the best to YPLS, love you!
Le Thuy Chi from Vietnam
Hello, my name is Wongmalawanich Napat. I come from Thailand. I am thirteen years old. I have been in this school for a year. I can remember the first time I came to this school, I was lonely and felt homesick. However, now I am outgoing and have many friends. My teachers are friendly and approachable. I feel safe and comfortable in YPLS School of Learning
Wongmalawanich NAPAT from Thailand
Life in YPLS was very unexpected. I did not know that I could have so much fun with the friends and teachers while preparing for AEIS. Although we were all from different countries, my friends and I really bonded well and all of us were willing to help each other.
The one word which comes to mind when describing the teachers is awesome. Their classes were not boring at all as we threw jokes around every once in a while and yet still have a good learning environment. If given the chance to experience life in YPLS again, I would grab it with no hesitation.
Noelani Odelia Tanzil from Indonesia
My experience in YPLS was extremely fun and wonderful. I made a lot of friends, created happy memories, and got knowledge as to prepare for the AEIS test with the help of my teachers, I was able to pass the test and get into a government school. It was a pleasant experience in my life which I would never forget. Once again, I appreciate YPLS, the teachers, friends and everything
Su Yamin Htwe from Myanmar